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Not only is Chris one of the most talented Horror artists of our day but he’s one hell of a "spooktacular" guy!

Jody InfurnariAdvertising and Promotions, RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE

Chris Kuchta's art is classic and stylish, yet still appeals to my inner monster kid. I love it!

Count LyleGhoultown

Often times in the freelance art world there is a lot of competition and many artists won't have anything to do with you so I, as a fellow horror artist always tread softly and stealthy at horror conventions once I started working with HorrorHound magazine. At horror cons you will see many artists working hard to promote their work and have it seen and I am guilty of passing by most of them but Chris Kuchta's work isn't the kind of artwork that one can completely walk by--some I would say are stopped dead in their tracks. His paintings just stand out more than most. But its not just his art skills that will win you over but the fact that Chris is a very down to earth, warm hearted person who loves what he does and loves art in general. The end of a horror con is usually filled with exhaustion and quick, "have a safe trips" to the friends you make over the three days but my first real show with Chris ended in our trading art and his insisting that he give me a hug. A hug! This is who Chris Kuchta is - a great horror artist and a great human being.

Nathan Thomas MillinerHorrorHound Magazine / Girl Number Three / Rebel Rouser Comics / William Castle's From the Grave

Being a serial con-goer, I should've probably been moved to check out and start collecting more work by independent artists. But I wasn't all that interested...until I first laid eyes on the unbelievable images created by CHRIS KUCHTA. His homages to horror icons are stunning, but even more so for his own signature touches that add splashes of vivid colors that pop, plus just that extra bit of edge that insures his renderings of everyone from The Tall Man to Jason Voorhees to Dr. Anton Phibes take on an undeniable life of their own. Plus - you can tell by the attention to detail and the care behind every stroke of the brush or pen that Chris is not just a skilled artist, but a dyed-in-the-wool fan as well.

Samuel Glass, Jr.Writer / Director / Filmmaker

Chris is definitely a true fan of the horror genre and is a wealth of knowledge. If you see him out at the cons, take the time to go say hello and take a look at his work. You will definitely be impressed.

Jon FleetDusk Till

Blah, blah blah… Let me tell you what I think of this dude: he’s a full on, double barrel shoot you in the face at close range HORROR FAN…. And I DIG that about him!


Chris is a triple threat. Not only is he a phenomenal artist and a great guy but he is also cuddly as hell!

Billy TackettHorror Artist / Illustrator / Graphic Designer

Chris Kuchta has the ability to take the monsters that scare you on film and make them even scarier.

Rich DalzottoShow Promoter, Horror Realm

Kuchta paints the icons of horror with a vengeance, pulling them into our dimension and then making them lay back on the canvas using his brush to stake the through the heart. Paint is his medium but you'd never know there was so much blood and guts behind that casual smile and calm demeanor.

David CanfieldWriter for Twitch Nerve, Genre Critic

Chris has the unique gift of capturing the charm of the horror genre, while adding personality to his creations without muddling the essence of horror. Everytime I view his artwork, I am immediately in the mood to grab a bowl of popcorn, cuddle under blankets and revisit my favorite fiends by the glow of the TV light!

Ginger SeehaferStoryboard Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Chris Kuchta is one of the premier artists of our generation. He takes the nightmare characters that we have all grown up with and brings them to canvas with an edge like no other.

Richard Patterson IIScreenwriter / Director

Chris Kuchta's dark artwork is vibrant and intense. He's is extremely talented as an artist, and his classic horror references are deeply satisfying!

Lydia BurrisFine artist, Illustrator, Graphic designer

Kuchta's ability to capture our favourite horror moments with only a few assured brush stokes and gobs of vivid colours has become a signature style that has the word "classic" painted all over it. A monster talent among his peers and hordes of horror fans alike, I'd keep one eye open for this guy, he's out there... painting our nightmares.

Gary PullinRue Morgue Magazine