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Commissioned Artwork Services



All assignments are done on a job by job basis. You should contact me first before purchasing any commissions or services to make sure you are getting the best product and service you can. Here are a few guidelines and rough estimates:

How to order commissioned paintings and artwork:

1. Where should I send my order to?
You can call me at (765)586-2465 to get the process started. After contact, you should send your order to: or through the form on the contact page.

What information do you need to start processing my order?

I need information on the technique and dimensions of the work you would want. You may either describe what you want to order or provide me with digital reproductions or pictures of the preferred art works. I could offer you our ideas and versions corresponding to your preferences in art.  To order the art work, you also may select the medium (such as: Charcoal, Oil paint, Digital) that you would prefer the work in.

Finished Painting

Finished Painting

3. Am I able to control the procedure of implementation of order?

Yes, for sure, I shall inform you on the procedure of performance of the art work, which you have ordered. First, I’ll agree with you the sketch of

the future painting. Afterwards, I shall provide you with photos of the under-painting and ask for last changes. Then, completion.

4. How long will it take to complete my order?

Creating of the commission paintings will take one to three weeks depending on dimensions, technique and the number of details in the painting. I can provide you with more detailed information on terms after you have made your order and specified your requirements.

5. How can I pay for my order?

I shall determine the price according to picked up specification of your order. First payment amounts to 50% of the price of

Finished Poster

Finished Poster

order. Final settlement shall be fulfilled upon agreement on final step of the work. Finished artwork shall be shipped upon receipt of final payment.

6. How is a painting packed for delivery?

The painting will be thoroughly packed with special packing materials for safe and careful transportation.

Concept Art:

I have done work for film in the past for creature and makeup designs for both CG and live action SFX. All work must be accompanied by a written

description. My rates are as follows:

Procedure of Ordering Concept Art:

  1. Black and White (Pencil) rendering = $150

  2. Full Color Digital Painting = $300

Concept Art

Concept Art

After the initial sketch I agree to do the first 3 changes for free then after that we go by a hourly rate of $65 per hour.


I also do full storyboarding if you are interested. These are either done in Pencil on Board or in Photoshop. Here are the rates I offer for that:

Line Drawing:

  1. 3" x 4" = $30

  2. 5" x 7" = $40

Gray-scale Digital Painting:

  1. 3" x 4" = $40

  2. 5" x 7" = $50

Full Color:

  1. 3" x 4" = $60

  2. 5" x 7" = $80

Comics And Sketches:

I have done comic work as well and can complete full pages and have a extensive understanding in graphic storytelling. I prefer to work from full scripts but can complete a job based on a plot format as well. I usually draw my pages in pencil and ink in Photoshop but I can ink traditionally as well. I can digitally paint these for a further realistic feel as well. My rates are as follows:

Sketch Renderings (8.5" x 11" 2-ply Bristol Board):

  1. Close-Ups, Pencils only = $35

  2. Close-Ups, Fully inked = $75

  3. Full Body, Pencils Only = $60

  4. Full Body, Fully inked = $75

  5. Group Shots (2 or more characters) = To be negotiated.

Sketches do not include backgrounds.

Larger Drawings (11" x 17" 2-ply Bristol Board)

  1. Close-Ups, Pencils only = $80

  2. Close-Ups, Fully inked = $100

  3. Full Body, Pencils Only = $100

  4. Full Body, Fully inked = $175

  5. Group Shots (2 or more characters) = To be negotiated.

Minimal background included if necessary or upon request.

Comic Book Rate

  1. Pencil Rate = $150 per page, 11" x 17". Suitable for publication, after inking.

  2. Inking Rate = $165 per page, 11" x 17". Professional inking on existing penciled page. Suitable for publication.

  3. Cover Recreation, Pencils Only = $300

  4. Cover Recreation, Fully Inked = $500