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Tag: Zombies


Posters from the Vault: Shock Waves

Shock Waves (1977) is hands down one of my top 10 favorite horror films of all time. I've mentioned it before here, but I'll say it again. I am obsessed with this film – even after all these years! I used to watch it on TV late Saturday nights with my grandparents. Those are fond memories that have stayed with me, and I just love Nazi zombie movies!

The detail in this poster is amazing! Here is yet another perfect example of what works and why most mainstream horror posters suck today. It's all in the details! Notice how bright the colors are? It's crazy how many modern horror posters are mostly black with either a floating head or a lone man standing, looking up at something. Gets old quick!

There was a 35mm print of this screened at the Sci-Fi Spectacular Film Festival in Chicago last month! Unfortunately, since it wasn't playing until almost 5am, I couldn't stay for it. This was a 24-hour marathon, by the way! I was vending my art, so we had to pack things up and get to a good friend's house. I would've loved to have seen it there on the giant screen. Peter Cushing as the SS Commander legitimized the outlandish story with a solid performance. I compare this acting believability with Vincent Price in The Tingler, meaning that as long as Peter took his role very seriously, so would the audience.

My SHOCK WAVES painting!

And, in case anyone is not familiar with the movie, watch the trailer!!

“From beyond the dead, from beneath the living, from the depths of hell's ocean, everything they touch WILL DIE in the deep!!!”


A Zombie Film for Horror Art Fans: Exit Humanity


Being on the road so often for conventions is amazing, but it usually means missing great

movies that people get to tell me was good. I was able to catch a viewing of Exit Humanity

and loved it, so I'd like to spread the word about it. There are a few familiar faces in the

cast, like Bill Moseley, Dee Wallace, and Brian Cox. It didn't have a big budget, but for a

Civil War zombie film, they really outdid themselves. The zombie makeup was great, and

the thing that REALLY stood out for me was the inclusion of animation! How often can

that not end up corny? Everyone behind this film clearly had a passion for it, so their talent

and drive really did it justice. I love that they did such a great job meshing live action with

animation, making it a standout in recent zombie films. It's nice to be inspired by a zombie

film in an age where they are more than a dime a dozen.

Official Trailer HERE.


Another zombie film that recently impressed me was The Dead. It has that bleak, hopeless

and pretty much apocalyptic feel as a classic Fulci flick.

Check out the trailer!


But back to Exit Humanity! I found out a little more about the artist behind the animation,

Snezhan Bodurov, and wanted to share this neat video of animated sequences he did for

the film. These are illustrations of stories told in Edward's journal.


Exit Humanity Animation from Snezhan Bodurov on Vimeo.