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Mondo Poster Art Sale

Mondo has been releasing some outstanding works of art lately with poster sales to die for. I've always been a fan, but the recent horror prints are flat-out amazing. Three horror-themed prints will drop May 23rd (today) for sale on their site and they are FANTASTIC. I had a table at Texas Frightmare this year and was lucky enough to see these posters in person. Wish I could say that I contributed, but nope. I can only dream about this happening someday. Would kill to work with them!

The three new prints releasing are: WHITE ZOMBIE by Ghoulish Gary Pullin, THE THING by Randy Ortiz, and SON OF FRANKENSTEIN by Rich Kelly. I bought them ALL at Frightmare! You can view close-up teasers HERE and the official announcement of the sale with images is HERE. Pictured below is Gary Pullin's beautiful White Zombie piece that he shared on his artist Facebook page.

Ghoulish Gary Pullin's WHITE ZOMBIE Mondo Poster.

Other Mondo posters that blew me away were Jason Edmiston's really sweet EVIL DEAD 2 illustration and Randy Ortiz' killer ARMY OF DARKNESS poster. Check those out HERE. And be sure to visit

*Update! According to the Mondo Twitter page, all 3 prints sold out within a few MINUTES! Wow. Well, enjoy the artwork anyway! Check the artist's sites for info on how to obtain more prints in the future.


Posters from the Vault: THE THING

The Thing alien scene

Legendary horror film director John Carpenter was in Chicago recently for Flashback Weekend Horror Con, and it got me thinking about doing a little post tribute. Well, a true tribute would take pages and pages! But, I've included a photo of a poster from my personal collection, as well as a painting that depicts the image that influenced my obsession with THE THING at a young age. It's one of my top ten favorite horror films!

When I was a kid, I saw The Thing on TV and one image stuck in my brain. It haunted me for years because I didn't know the name of the movie, and had no way of properly describing what I had seen to others. But, hell, I HAD to see this again! It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen on TV. I bet most people can name a few movies that had scenes which messed with their heads as kids. You spend years wondering what that movie was and relentlessly try to find it. We didn't have "Google" growing up! This painting here is that alien scene that stuck in my head!

Years ago, I was very fortunate to have had a conversation with John Carpenter. He's incredibly nice, and he even liked my piece a lot, noting how well I'd captured Kurt Russell. He said he'd always had a really hard time finding someone who could draw Kurt well, and that it's why he kept using Drew Struzan for poster art. Drew had Russell down to a science. Nope, Kurt is not easy to draw. Some faces are way harder to capture properly than others. It's weird. I didn't get to talk to Carpenter this time around, as I had a table across the street at Wizard World. But, it's great to see through fan photos and interviews that he was clearly having a blast at the convention. There's just nothing like the feeling of meeting one of your idols. Just like that alien scene, the feeling sticks with you.


Posters from the Vault: Tombs of the Blind Dead

Tombs of the Blind Dead Spanish poster art


I absolutely love collecting old movie posters. The illustrations created decades ago were top-notch and really eye-grabbing without having to use floating heads. Well, unless the heads were decapitated! There was a sense of bravery and freedom going on in classic horror posters – a feeling I don't really get from posters put out today. I think the designs have started getting better, now that everyone openly mocks floating head syndrome, but a lot of it still feels too “safe” to me. I like layouts that feel alive and wild. Painted scenes that make me yell, “Hot damn! I want to see that movie!!”

Occasionally, I'm going to post some posters from my own collection here as being “From the Vault” and will try to include an art piece depicting the film's influence on me.

For starters, TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD! I've included both my Spanish and Thai posters, as well as my personal tribute to this amazing film. The Spanish art really has a menacing tone going on, something to scare the kiddies. The Thai illustration is a bit more bizarre, not as scary, but has some key scenes which may give an unintended comical effect. Still awesome, though!

Tombs is definitely a series of films that hit a cord with me and a lot of other people.I mean, where else are you gonna get a vampire/mummy/knight kicking ass in a film? another thing about these movies is that you never quite know what to expect. They follow their own rules so no expected weakness can help you!


Tombs of the Blind Dead - Thai poster


My painting of Tombs of the Blind Dead