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Mad Monster Party Con Exclusive Art

Mad Monster Party Con is this weekend and I've created a few drawings to be sold as limited edition, exclusive prints! The convention season has begun! Last weekend, I went to Chicago to sell my work at a 24-hour sci-fi festival and meet director Frank Henenlotter! More on that in the next blog.

Today, I'd like to show you guys some drawings that will be exclusive for the Mad Monster Party Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina March 22nd-24th.

These are limited edition prints so keep that in mind when at the show! It's a great time and I look forward to seeing everyone again. As always, please stop by my table to say hi or just discuss movies! Check out the crazy list of guests here! Or check out my previous blog about this convention and the guests I'm looking forward to seeing right here! I will also have some copies of my new illustrated book as well!

Mad Monster Party is on Facebook!

Mad Monster Party Website

Hope to see you there!



Mad Monster Party Con 2013

Next year is already shaping up to be an exciting one, and I'm looking forward to the Mad Monster Party Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 22-24, 2013. This is a huge horror, science fiction and fantasy con that has a pretty good selection of guests for all types of fans. Celebrities like Hammer scream queen Veronica Carlson (Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed), Lon Chaney's great grandson, Ron Chaney (House of the Wolf Man), Bruce Campbell, David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London) and not to mention a Jaws reunion!

However, the guest that thrills me the most is legendary Haruo Nakajima, the greatest suit actor ever to wear the Godzilla suit, and the FIRST. Click on the link above to see his great body of work. Be amazed! Some of you may have met him at a G-Fest before, but each time he graces our presence is a meaningful one.